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Common Sense Horse Feed

  *  Low starch, high fat horse feed containing highly

      bioavailable chelated minerals from Albion Animal


  *   All vegetable protein and fat sources.

  *   Horses don't get "high" because it is a low starch, high 

       fat feed.

  *   Safer feed--less digestive upsets;  i.e.  Colic

  *   Albion Chelated Minerals--the only true chelate.  Higher

       bioavailability of essential trace minerals like Cu, 

       Zn, Mn, Mg and K.  These essential trace minerals    

       provide the building blocks and enzymes for  

       neuromuscular activity, immune function,  hormone 

       production and energy utilization.

  *   Contains a combination of stabilized flax, canola and

       lentils (peas).  Provides Omega 3 fatty acids and 70% of

       protein is by pass protein and 60% of fat is by pass fat.

  *   Chelates are not as likely to get "tied-up" by antagonists

       potentially found in feedstuffs and water like iron, 

       sulfur and molybdenum.

  *   Contains Yeast--helps maintain healthy micro flora in


  *   Economically priced--Affordable to feed.

  *   Formulated to feed with grass hay or low protein 



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